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since 1994​

       To start, I am obsessed with both cooking and discovering extraordinary food.  As a child, I was addicted to the Galloping Gourmet and Julia Child before it was fashionable. Over the years I have transformed this passion and life long quest from  serious hobby into a profession.

       While being educated by Top Chef Judge Tom Colicchio led me to refine my Craft. It was cooking alongside Marco Canora (Craft, Hearth), Nick Oltarsh(Twelve), Gina DePalma (Babbo) and Claudia Flemming (Grammercy Tavern) that made me understand that your passion drives you to always do it better. So after graduating at the top of my class from the Culinary Institute of America, I cooked at charity events and side by side with the best chefs in the world including: Wolfgang Puck, Gray Kunz and Marcus Samuelson.  Learning along the way that the freshest ingredients both exotic and simple begin with honesty and only offer themselves when they are married to simple home style flavors.


       My mantra is you must know the origins of things before you can expound upon them, the purest form of an ingredient is the finest and the flavor should be coaxed out of an ingredient not hidden behind a sauce or spices. To describe what I call my food is to look at my base ingredients, a carrot should taste like a carrot and a potato a potato. A bowl of vegetable soup should be prepared so nothing in the bowl loses its structural integrity or its individual flavor, each component should compare and contrast and no one item stealing the thunder from the other yet the sum of the parts creating something ethereal.


      I soon realized food and cooking are the key elements that have always kept me both grounded and fascinated. Exquisite tastes need to be shared. Thus, after creating numerous themed dinner parties for friends and family, and sharing the things that I discovered in kitchens around the world it was time to display this passion in boardrooms on rooftops and in the intimacy of your own home.

      We look forward to entertaining with you soon!


So, Who Am I....
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